The management at Grant-Marion Construction Limited’s top priority is to ensure that the safety of our workforce takes precedence over all activities of the company. Our high standards are achieved through our commitment towards good housekeeping, extensive staff training and the continuing development and improvement of our Health & Safety Program. Our most recent Health & Safety Program was developed in conjunction with the Health & Safety Consultant at Infrastructure Health & Safety Association. Furthermore, Grant-Marion Construction Limited recognizes acceptable practices according to the legislative requirements and the Occupational Health & Safety Act to be minimum standards for the company. We ensure that every reasonable precaution shall be taken to prevent workplace accidents and injuries.

Grant-Marion Construction Limited has made every effort to provide suitable return to work opportunities for employees who have been unable to perform their regular duties following a workplace injury or illness.

Every employee has the right but also the responsibility to work in a healthy and safe work environment. We must all work together to prevent incidents and accidents that may cause bodily harm. Every employee including contractors and subcontractors must comply with Grant-Marion Construction Limited’s Health & Safety Program and Practices. They are also required to report all incidents, injuries or property damage immediately.

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